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I am a 30-something mother of 1 who adores my little peanut (a.k.a. Crazy Bella, aged 4) even though she can drive me bonkers at any given moment. I work during the week as a manager of a small Japanese restaurant and am constantly struggling for more time to spend with my family and of course to play TCGs!

I love food, reading, sometimes cooking (mostly baking) and anything round and cute. And of course, whatever has caught Bella's fancy.

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15th November 2016

And I'm back!

The TCG bug has bit again so I'm back!  Sadly all the TCGs I played the last time around are on hiatus or closed.  no But I've found some awesome new ones and look forward to getting back into the swing of things!  If you're a member of those TCGs (and if not, please join!) then I look forward to trading with you! smiley

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18th October 2014


Yeah, I suck at updating~ but I keep coming back even if it takes months!  I'm starting to get that TCG-bug again so I'm sure this will be updated often again soon enough.  smiley But before that~ we're taking our second family vacation!  This time on a 8 day cruise to the Bahamas!  Ahh~ living the life~~ not really, but hey, a vacation is a vacation.  This is my first cruise so Im super excited and nervous.  I can't wait to disconnect and relax with the family.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we don't get caught in the hurricane/tropical storm!

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14th October 2013

Baby Shower

Yesterday we successfully pulled off a massive baby shower for my sister and it really hit home that the baby (Mena) will here in about a month. surprise My parents, husband and I are super excited but I think the new parents are a little overwhelmed.  So after the shower and then after entertaining our out-of-town family until they left, we went over to my sister and brother-in-law's house to help them clean up, set up the car seat and pack and play.  I think it really helped them knowing that they have everything they need now for whenever Mena arrives and that we're always around to help out if they need.

It was a lot of work, more so than if I actually was at work, but so much more fulfilling and fun.  smiley

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25th August 2013

Off to Vacation in 7 hours!

  The time has finally arrived!  In less than 7 hours now we'll be on our way to our first family vacation ever! heartWe'll be gone for a little over 2 weeks and I'm not quite sure what the wifi/internet connection will be like over in Thailand/Okinawa so I may not be able to get to TCG emails/trades/stuff.  We'll be back in New York by Thursday, September 12 so I will definitely get to everything then if I can't sooner. sad Woohoo~ now off to get the last minutes things ready!

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25th July 2013

[FIXED] Messed Up Post ATM

*EDIT* I should have fixed everything but please let me know if you run into any issues!  smiley

Whoopsie~ I was playing around with the eTCG and accidentally messed up the settings for Moonlight Legend (and possibly TL) as well so please bear with me while I fix it! 

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21st June 2013

1/2 Day, Dinner and a Show!

Yay~ I get done at 5 today!  And the weather is absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful weekend ahead~ finally, it feels like there's more to life than work and dreariness!  sad Tonight we're going to have a date night~ dinner and a show and then maybe some ice cream before picking up the baby.  heart

Tomorrow, we're planning to do some errands and then head down to Mitsuwa.  It almost seems not worth the trip~ 3 hour drive to only spend an hour or two there and then 3 hour drive back but honestly, we wouldn't be doing anything else with that time anyway.  I just have to make sure to get a load of laundry in tonight!

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14th June 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away....

I definitely have had enough of the rain and the cooler tempuratures that it's been bringing but most especially the stupid people it brings out. devilYes, rain makes roads slippery and conditions hazardous but really, you can drive a little faster than 20 mph.  And yes, a covered patio at the restaurant means that you can sit outside and not be drenched despite how heavy the rain is coming down.  Hence, the covered patio.  Even with only a light drizzle coming down, I love the looks people give me when I ask them if they want to sit on the patio.  "Uhhh, no it's OK, it's raining out."

Really.  You don't say.  Huh, it sucks that we don't have a covering for the outside for customers to sit.

Oh WAIT!  We do!  frown

Even better is when it's not even raining but has a chance to.

Of course, this isn't the poor rain's fault but it would make things a lot easier if it would stop its constant deluge.  Just for a while.  :/

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18th May 2013


Just watched the movie Butter (we needed something to watch with dinner and it was recommended on Netflix).  It's got a pretty big name cast (Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, etc.) and it was pretty quirky but a surprisingly good and funny movie.  I love going on with no expectations and really just enjoying the story.  I guess it would be a feel-good comedy~ no big plot twists, no soul-searching, no big revelation about the universe and our place in it at the end~ just a funny, cute movie that was really enjoyable.  sadI wasn't expecting to like it and thought I'd get some TCG stuff done during the movie but I guess that will be left for tomorrow!  Time to snuggle with the peanut!

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8th May 2013

Day Off

Yay~ Moonlight Legend is back and it seems like all the TCGs I'm playing are all active so double yay! heart Today is my day off so of course, it rains for most of it, lol.  But at least it's cooled things down and will hopefully reduce the pollen count so the poor hubby can get some relief.  no Luckily, Bella doesn't seem to have any allergies and I hope that stays true for her whole life.  Now~ time to go out for dinner with the family to celebrate Mother's Day early as we all have to work on Sunday.  frown

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1st May 2013

New Layout!

Yay~ new layout!  I wanted something more green in celebration of spring finally arriving! sadBut nothing too bright since the last layout was and the next layout will probably be as well.  Moonlight Legend is going on hiatus (booooo!) but hopefully it really is just a hiatus and won't turn into a closing.   We'll see how active everyone is but it'll be hard to keep things going without games to give away new cards.  Other than that, I'm gonna update Bon Voyage and Tiny Legend tomorrow and get some donations out of the way for Zest.  Yay for being able to get a couple of hours on the computer at work!  smiley If you come across any errors~ please let me know.  Thanks!

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